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Outside Japan, it is not usually distinguished from urolagnia , though they are different things: the Handbook of Clinical Sexuality for Mental Health Professionals specifically defines omorashi as persistent sexual arousal toward a full bladder. Paul Fedoroff acknowledges this distinction, observing that "The theme of taking control of autonomic process is prominent in the paraphilia known as omorashi, which involves sexual arousal associated with the sensation of needing to urinate due to a full bladder. The Japanese term "omorashi" means to wet oneself. The word is also occasionally romanized as " omorasi " in the Kunrei-shiki romanization system. In the English speaking BDSM community, the term bathroom use control is used to describe omorashi play in which the dominant controls how and when the submissive is allowed to use the bathroom.
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#Youasked: My husband likes me to pee during sex! Is that normal?

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#Youasked: My husband likes me to pee during sex! Is that normal? | The Times of India

This article was scientifically fact-checked by Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr. Shree Datta. However, there is no reason to just live with the strain of incontinence in your daily life, and there are things you can start doing right now to stop incontinence from sabotaging your love life. Coital incontinence can be split into 2 different categories — urination with penetration and urination with orgasm — which are caused by two different types of incontinence in women. Urination with penetration happens when something is inserted into your vagina and puts pressure on your bladder or urethra the tube that urine flows out of. Urination with orgasm can occur because the muscles of the bladder spasm uncontrollably — this is more likely to be associated with urge incontinence or Overactive Bladder OAB.
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Peeing During Sex: The Why and How to Fix It

Doctors recommend emptying your bladder regularly, about once every three hours. From long haul truckers to politicians holding the house floor, there are many instances when adults find themselves in situations where they need to hold it in. It takes your body 9 to 10 hours to produce 2 cups of urine. In the worst of circumstances, your bladder may stretch to hold even more than 2 cups of fluid.
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Peeing during sex can be an awkward prospect. Peeing during sex is surprisingly common. However, some women who worry about peeing during sex may actually be experiencing female ejaculation during orgasm. So, is peeing during sex normal or should you see a doctor? We asked Dr Sherry A.
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